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Virtualization Overview

Technology these days seems to be changing more frequently than the seasons! As a result, staying abreast of the latest trends and solution offerings is not always easy. On top of that, the business world is growing more and more competitive everyday and only those familiar with and leveraging the latest technology seem to be surviving.

APCS has a proven track record of offering innovative technology solutions that take advantage of the best available hardware (servers, storage, and network) software and solutions, often in combination with services that are critical to the solution.
Ultimately, when it comes to enhancing your IT infrastructure, improving operational efficiency, to be more resilient, we at APCS enable you, by containing server sprawl, consolidating your data-center and thereby reduce your cooling, space, power requirements.

Virtualization helps you in meeting your objectives more effectively and reduces the time to market for applications through advanced provisioning, including solutions for production, test and development environments.

Virtualization Solutions

APCS offers end-to-end services that are designed to assist in the virtualization life cycle and the key areas that must be addressed in order to move forward.

Virtualization Solution Stack

Plan & Design Virtual Data centers

The idea of moving to a virtual environment is to run more virtual workloads on fewer physical systems. There is constant pressure to maximize resource usage while simultaneously reducing management costs and maintaining a highly-available, secure environment. These are just a few of the challenges data-centre managers face every day. APCS helps in virtualising the infrastructure layer, and also simplifies and automates IT tasks to help reduce management expenses and overall total cost of ownership.

Server Consolidation & Containment

As your business grows so does the IT infrastructure required to support its daily operations. The result of this is usually a widely distributed host of servers and storage devices. IT departments constantly face demands to deploy, maintain and grow a broad array of services and applications, but this has lead to server sprawl and high energy costs. Server consolidation & containment will help your organization gain control over your IT infrastructure sprawl and under-utilization by reducing hardware and operating costs, to create a consolidated, yet flexible, IT infrastructure that can adapt to your changing business needs.

Virtual Lab Automation

In a test & development environment systems are usually configured based on the current active development project. Only when a team is actively developing and testing an application is the equipment needed. Given the “demand and slack periods” of development cycles, managing the systems and configurations can be a daunting task, and leads to either a proliferation in system configuration / reconfiguration, which leads to delays in scheduled project deliveries. APCS can help you in not only automating tasks, but also in reduction in the number of systems required. With virtualized pool of resources, it enables faster and automated provisioning or servers, rapid reproduction of software defects, improved time to market responsiveness and a reduced TCO.

Business Continuity

Enterprises cannot survive without viable business continuity strategies, which must include means by which to provide both high available systems as well as disaster recovery mechanisms. Unfortunately, the cost of planning and implementing such strategies through traditional means are often expensive and complex. APCS, through Virtualization provides you the means to eliminate planned downtime, delivery high availability and be better prepared for disaster recovery.

Desktop Management & Control
PCs today are complex stacks of multiple hardware components, operating systems, drivers & applications. Maintaining it has always been painful, but has gotten considerably nastier, thanks to an endless parade of upgrades and updates. Even with current network based installation and patch management tools to ease the burden, IT spends far too much time at the desktop itself, dealing with conflicts, mis-configured hardware, malware infections, and so on. APCS solution to these problems is to centralize applications at the data centre to make them easier to provision and manage.

Virtual Data Centre Management
Do you have problems managing virtual server sprawl, not getting reports on VMs CPU utilization, unable to create resource pools, not sure on the health of the virtual environment, etc., APCS can help you manage your Virtual environment by providing the tools and resources required to maintain your virtual data centre

Virtualization Services

With in-depth knowledge and expertise in both proprietary and open-source Virtualization technologies, we objectively assess and deploy the optimal solution to fit your environment and meet your strategic goals. We take a holistic view to support the entire virtualization technology life cycle – from consulting, planning, assessments, design and implementation to ongoing management, training and support

Analyze and Assess

As part of the Virtualization services, APCS will determine during the assessment whether virtualization would work in your environment. It is an interactive session with key members of your organization, which helps us gain insight about your IT infrastructure, to evaluate IT operations readiness for Virtualization adoption.

During this phase we analyze your current environment as well as your business and technical objectives to determine if and where it may make sense to leverage virtualization. As part of this analyses and assessment phase, APCS will collect and assess data on IT environment assets and utilization, review IT portfolio for target virtualization candidates for current and planned IT projects to determine if it is impacted by Virtualization. Develop a TCO comparison, such as Infrastructure costs for servers, storage, networking, power/cooling, Operations costs for provisioning and administration and Investment costs for software licensing, design, plan, deployment and management.

Architect & Design

With experience and expertise in handling system integration projects, APCS custom-designs an end-to-end virtualization solution that reflects the unique requirements identified in the business requirements phase. To translate the customer business needs into a successful architecture, we provide a detailed project plan and timeline that outlines the specific servers to be virtualized and the overall design of the new environment. Architect and design is focused on a target set of servers, storage and network, infrastructure for consolidation and/or containment, which is then iterated for each targeted infrastructure for virtualization.


Our Virtualization infrastructure deployment service transforms the architect & design recommendations for technical change into true business benefits. Central to this is the installation and/or migration of infrastructure, initiation of new or improved technology and services. Our deployment team works closely with the client to efficiently test, validate, configure, implement and integrate new infrastructure and convert physical machines to virtual machines, consolidate multiple virtual machines into a single physical server. Conduct knowledge transfer, execute rollout plan and support client system administrators in post roll-out phase.

We also verify that the newly delivered infrastructure meets the performance criteria established in the architect and design phase, by monitoring and tuning for performance as necessary. Finally the complete task is documented as a comprehensive operations guide and directs us in providing future support and management.


With expertise and experience that is both deep and broad, APCS can offer any level of customized operational support that blends with your existing staff and capabilities. We have experienced consultants and engineers with specialized skills for virtualization and related technologies that can join your team or can be provided as a temporary resource for maintaining and administration of your virtual environment.

APCS support for Virtualization includes three components, such as On-line and On-site support, Time and Materials Support and Skilled Manpower Outsourcing.

Benefits of Virtualization

Some of the benefits your organization can realize by deploying our Virtualization Solutions;

* Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by maximizing server and data centre utilization
* Support multiple applications and operating systems within a single physical system
* Consolidate servers into virtual machines on either a scale-up or scale-out architecture
* Treat computing resources as a uniform pool to be allocated to virtual machines in a controlled manner
* Reduce complexity and manage increasing heterogeneity within the data centre
* Lowers costs of server acquisition, maintenance, and operations
* Reduces physical space needed for hardware and server racks
* Leverage cutting-edge technologies to improve IT service, availability and utilization
* Drives standardization of hardware platforms and improves manageability
* Improve the effectiveness of your production and DR environments
* Ensure maximum performance and availability of your consolidated environments

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