APCS is a technology solutions provider that supplies IT products and services to small, medium and large enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profits. Design & Architecture Consulting • Implementation / Deployment • Training, Knowledge-Transfer • Security and Compliance • Converged Infrastructure • Cloud Services • Data Center Infrastructure • Systems Management • Messaging & Collaboration • Data Backup and Recovery • Software Licensing

Strategic Outsourcing

Scarcity of competent talent puts a tremendous stress on Executive time available for effective management of multiple business processes. The wide range of business challenges, leave little Executive time for building competitive advantages outside the core business processes. IT quite often falls outside the purview of the core business processes despite it being recognized as a business enabler and a competitive advantage builder.

IT – a core business process

Today IT is not always treated a critical business process in all organizations – while in reality IT would be one of the key components of most organizations’ armory of competitive Advantages. In order to maintain its competitive advantage arising out of IT, the organization often has to either invest in expensive skilled resources that are underutilized, or over a period of time – let the competitive advantage silently creep out of their competitive advantages portfolio.

With APCS you get tremendous flexibility in outsourcing exactly what you need, when you need it – and it is completely scalable. You could outsource your entire IT infrastructure end to end – or start with parts – and gradually scale the scope as you gain more confidence in the outsourcing model.

Infrastructure Solutions Stack


  • Cabling, switching, routing, network security


  • Desktops, laptops, servers, storage


  • Operating Systems, office productivity tools, infrastructure Software (mail, database)

Infrastructure Services Stack

Infrastructure Management

  • Help Desk
  • Server Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Network Management

Information Security

  • Audit, implementation & compliance
  • Monitoring and managing security