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Storage Management

IT managers are under tremendous pressure to increase operational efficiencies in their business. They must reduce cost, improve service reliability, and performance, provide higher and quicker returns on storage asset investments, fill skill gaps, protect data, achieve regulatory compliance, and meet project timelines and deadlines. Adding headcount may offer some immediate relief. It is however not a permanent solution when seen in light of all the above business needs.

APCS Storage Management Services takes into account the pressing customer needs and try to match them with their expertise in storage management associated with cost-effective on-site and offshore business model.

APCS can recommend storage strategies, solutions and implementation plans to address your organization’s data storage challenges in a highly cost effective manner. These solutions will help you position key storage alternatives to meet growing capacity and storage performance demands, define quality ofservice levels and align storage management with business strategy. Storage design has to encompass holding of data in its most appropriate form, with the highest reliability and availability so that it can be retrieved by the application in its shortest possible time. The solutions provided on different platforms like EMC, IBM, Hitachi etc. include the following:

•    Tiered Storage – Simplify infrastructure across the enterprise storage network.
•    Storage Consolidation – Cost effective solutions to accommodate increasing data storage
•    Regulatory Compliance – Helps mitigate the risk of non conformance and simplifies the management process
•    Managing Storage Growth – Aligning business applications with storage infrastructure effectively

A lot has been said on the value of data and the need to backup. What rarely gets mentioned is the capability to recover business in the quickest possible time.

Our business and technical consultants work with you to identify your data and create policies within Tivoli Storage Manager such that recovery happens in the quickest possible time.

Our Customers provide the best proof of the benefits obtained by working with us.

The solutions provided on different platforms, includes the following:

•    Storage planning for the client.
•    Installation and configuration of hardware
•    Installation and configuration of Software server and clients
•    Tune network and server performance
•    Day to Day administration and management.
•    Backup verification, Scheduling
•    Scripting and log monitoring
•    Performance tune-ups
•    Version upgrades and migrations.
•    Disaster planning
•    Tape library management
•    Detailed documentation
•    Complete skills transfer

Storage management has traditionally been focused on infrastructure management defined by functionality that includes:

•    Storage device configuration and management
•    Storage network configuration and management
•    Storage and backup software configuration and operation
•    Primary storage capacity management and provisioning
•    Heterogeneous storage component discovery
•    Storage system monitoring
•    Performance and capacity utilization reporting

However in the current scenario, the growing business focus is on managing the information to meet the business initiatives. The information must be managed through its entire lifecycle and not just when it is created.

The data capacities under management continue to grow at dramatic rates. The business value of data, varies widely from the time of creation to the time of deletion.

Therefore Information Lifecycle Management “ILM” is the strategy of matching storage policies, processes, and technologies to the value of information at the time it is created, and as it ages, to cost-effectively meet the business needs of organizations.

To achieve this strategy, organizations must have:

•    Information definition and classification
•    Well-defined management functionality
•    The ability to move information among storage tiers as its value changes

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