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Information Security

Information Security Challenges

Information exists in bits and bytes. Unlike a physical and tangible asset, it is not visible or identifiable as a discrete asset. This poses a big challenge to detection of any information security vulnerabilities. It also could engender a false sense of security, since the organization could continue to use data that a hacker may have accessed and compromised.

There has been a growing appreciation of these challenges in keeping information secure. Today mature organizations treat Information Security as an enterprise and business issue rather than a technical concern.

Some of the reasons for elevating information security to a top management concern are :

* Emergence of security breaches motivated by financial gain. For example, Credit Card and banking data theft witnessed from call centers and BPO firms over the last few years.
* Client apprehensions about business damage if there is a compromise of privacy or identity theft.
* This is particularly true of BPO organizations, where it is critical to maintain and demonstrate strong confidentiality processes.
* Increased security risk on account of suppliers, vendors and partners sharing a common network and information base.
* Escalating incidents of malicious insider activities
* Discontented ex-employees compromising security by exploiting ineffective internal systems and processes.

Information Security – A Business requirement

Several organizations have adopted Information Security Governance as a holistic approach towards systematic enterprise risk management. This helps ensure that information security is aligned with the company’s strategic goals and meets the organizational objectives.

Our consulting team has consulted organizations from Industry verticals such as IT/ITES, Banking, Financial Institutions, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and government. They have consulted in assessing, design and deployment of robust Information Security Management Systems. We have helped many organizations in meeting information compliance standards such as ISO27001 among many others. Our Security Consulting goes beyond traditional security measures. In addition to assisting Organizations in establishing best security practices, we partner organizations through the entire Information Security lifecycle assisting them in meeting ongoing security challenges and work with them in taking proactive steps to ensure the security and reliability of business systems.

Security Policy Deployment
To implement organization wide information security policies and procedures to ensure that corporate information and assets are protected from unauthorized access, disclosure and modification.
Enterprise Security Management
To manage the security process and controls organization wide 24/7 and provide real time alerts and recommendations thereby ensuring proactive security measures and preventing disruption of service.
Security Product Management
To manage the networking & security devices (servers, routers, firewalls, IPS, UTM’s etc) organization wide 24/7 and provide real time alerts and recommendations thereby ensuring proactive security measures and preventing disruption of service.
Education & Training
Education & Training

Benefits of working with Advance Pixel

* Complete portfolio of Information Security Consulting services
* Consulting team with experience in executing complex projects
* Technology expertise across multiple domains
* APCS has over seven years of experience in executing complex projects for enterprise customers
* Immaculate record of customer retention & consistent acquisition of new customers
* A flat organization structure. Fast and flexible