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Business Continuity

Data is at the heart of disaster recovery. Both mission-critical data and the technology infrastructure critical to an organization must be accessible by company personnel in a reasonable time following a disaster. Every business organization relies on their IT Infrastructure for daily business operations, and for most internal and external daily communications. A company can conceivably suffer irreparable damages and go out of business if they aren’t prepared for a disaster when it strikes. Proper planning protects vital business processes and ensures that essential functions can continue during and after a disaster.

APCS provides consulting to clients for the design and deployment of Business Continuance plans and we have expertise in utilizing best-practice methodologies to help you keep your business in business. We will share our decades of experience through executive level workshops and thru the following offerings that address critical aspects of IT business continuity:

Risk Assessments

  • Elements of business risk
  • Threat, vulnerability, existing mitigation, and residual risk identification
  • Risk mitigation action investment, prioritization, and deployment

Business Impact Analysis

  • Quantifying system loss as a function of operational impact
  • Prioritizing system, network, and personnel recovery time-lines
  • Identifying short-term impact mitigation actions

Business Continuity Strategies

  • Developing recovery strategies commensurate with impact level
  • Pragmatic recovery solution overview
  • Acquiring effective disaster recovery solutions

Business Continuity Planning

  • Overview of the plan development and testing process
  • Synopsis of preparedness and response activities and responsibilities
  • Protection of personnel, technology, data, and vital records